High Vibe's 4 Day Group Healing Retreat

The "Oil Change for the Soul"

One of the most profound retreats in one of the most beautiful places in the world

August 24-27, 2023 in Sedona, Arizona


A life-changing experience that will leave you speechless.


Don't settle for another 'average' vacation. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience in Sedona that will create a lasting impact on your life, and the lives of those you love!

  • Daily Movement and Yoga

  • Hands on Healing

  • Healing Skills Workshops

  • 2 Organic Meals Daily

  • Community


What to expect

  • Truly discover your purpose

  • Free yourself from trauma and repressed emotions

  • Embody your own sustained parasympathetic state of relaxation

  • Relate to life in a healthier way

  • Experience significant and noticeable mental and physical improvements

  • Take radical accountability of every aspect of your life

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Experience and aid in miraculous healings

  • Learn to listen to your innate guidance

  • Strengthen your connection to self and source

  • Optimize your productivity

  • Create a toolbox of skillsets to handle any incoming stressors after the retreat

Group Healing Retreat led by Andrew Facca (aka Healerman)

For more info on Healerman and to view the studies, testimonials and live healing videos go to Healerman.com
"There are less than a half dozen people on the planet that can work at these levels of consciousness, and Andrew is one."

Rev Jakob Merchant, Parama Body Talk Practitioner

"The first thing they said during a 15 min treatment was "removing anesthesia" not knowing that 6 months earlier I had major surgery... It was magical to not be in pain after suffering for so long."

Tatiana Friar, Reiki Master

"I experienced back pain, knee pain, toe pain, worry, anger, fear & regrets completely disappear after treatments."

​Pamela Knight, Pilates Trainer, Mindful Life

Daily Retreat Itinerary

Guided by health optimization professionals and accomplished healers

9am - 12pm

Morning Group Session

Health Optimization

Guided Movement and Yoga


12 - 12:30pm

Organic Lunch Buffet

100% Organic

All Diet Types

12:30 - 4pm

Free Time

Continue your journey inward through our highly recommended local known sites. 

4 - 5pm

Organic Dinner Buffet

100% Organic

All Diet Types

5 - 8pm

Evening Group Healing Session

Hands on Healing



What modality are we using and learning?

Andrew's work operates at the source from which modalities come from. He began decades ago with learning Reiki and discovered more potent and effective forms of healing that get straight to the root. In this retreat, he shares how to do this work. Healing practitioners of all modalities benefit from this as a direct complement to their work. Their clients have noticed the effects right away from simply attending this retreat.

What if I am not a healing practitioner?

This work will innately impact your life and the life of your loved ones and every person around you. You do not need to utilize this work as a profession to reap the deep benefits. For example, when a Mother attends this retreat, her entire family benefits through osmosis.

2 Meals a Day: 100% Organic ✓

Vegan and Carnivore

Keto Gluten Free

Live and Raw Foods

"I struggled for 10 years and got relief from anxiety and hot flashes, something I thought was a life sentence, in 1 treatment."

Lisa Orantes, Leamington Ontario

"I struggled with grief and anger over my son's death. I had such a washing. The weight was lifted."

Chaplain Ann Rhode

"I was hospitalized with kidney disease and severe lower back pain. I was screaming in agony then all my pains were gone."

Susannah D. Ontario

SPECIAL BONUS: Receive the Spiritual Healing Course ($1000 value) 

Gain instant access and get started before you arrive, or anytime after your retreat. This course from Andrew Facca alone will change your life. It is recommended to get started absorbing this information as soon as your reservation is made.

Become the Healing Fields in 30 days. Simply view a 30 Minute Video Lesson a Day for 30 Days and adopt the life changing principles. Anyone anywhere can now learn how to heal and help others heal quickly and effectively by embracing our entire constitution of body mind and spirit.

You will leave a Different Person! Want Proof?

Scientific Evidence of Undeniable Healing in Our Group Retreats 

  • These 'Live Blood Analysis' photos show before and after imagery of actual blood cells in group healing retreat participants. 
  • The image on the left were taken by a live blood cell analyst prior to the start of the group healing session. Some participants received the physical hands on healing, and some were simply in the room within the field of healing.  
  •  The image on the right was the resulting blood samples that were taken after a 2 hour container of time within the healing fields that we are recreating for you within the retreat. All participants showed improvement, some saw the release and eradication of parasites and heavy metals, as well as more uniformity of the cells.
Jennifer Chene's Blood Before the Healing Session (clumped blood cells)
Jennifer Chene's Blood After the Healing Session (uniform blood cells)
Jennifer Chene Before Healing Session
Jennifer Chene After Healing Session

Jennifer's Share

"I was told that I had inflammation (foggy background), issues with my liver/gallbladder (lemon-shaped cells), parasites likely due to pets/kids, I do have a cat, and possible issues with digestion, dehydration, coffee, emotionally holding onto things (overlapping cells - and there were a lot!!). Following the session, I felt relaxed and connected, my blood was transformed, and my cells were “as perfect as they could get”.

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"Full range restored to chronic frozen shoulder in minutes."

Jessica Preston, Physicans Assitant

"I see white light enter my chest, my body jolts. My severe back pain is gone. Amazing!"

Angelika Furtak, Osteopath

"Everything he said was spot on. My headache was traced to age 3 when my parents divorced, then my headache was gone." 

Vanessa Hebert 

This retreat is meant for you...

  • Aspects of life feel heavy or stressful?
  • Struggling to find the source of your tension?
  • Feeling lost even though things seem to be in place?
  • Experiencing disconnect from friends or family without the ability to resolve?
  • Knowing there is more within you and unsure of how to remove the blocks?
  • You are yearning for lasting connections.

If this is you, this retreat is a place where we can all decompress together and transform. 

Gathering in groups we experience the greatest healing potential. All you have to do is show up, and the healing starts there.

"Thank you for teaching me and encouraging me to do this work. This is saving lives. This is the New Standard in Healing."

Natalie Morse, Pharmacist, Functional Med Practitioner

"Indescribable Experience of True Healing "

Dr. Rob Inesta, DC, L.Ac, CCSP 

"After only one treatment my stepdaughters symptoms disappeared. We even received comments from her school."

Stephanie John, Healer & Meditation Coach, Windsor 

August 24-27, 2023 Group Healing Retreat

Retreat Ticket


Only 4 spots left in this retreat!

  • 4 Days of Immersive Healing, Teachings and Group Sessions
  • 6 Hours of Health Optimization & Self Healing Lectures Daily
  • 2 Organic Meals a Day for All Diet Types
  • Learn How to Heal Yourself and Others
  • Meet other Healers and Gain Community of Like-Minded People
  • Active Discussions and Hands on Healing Involvement
  • BONUS: Receive the 30 Day Spiritual Healing Course ($1,000 VALUE)
  • Buy Now, Pay Later Financing available with Klarna: Transparent credit options offered in partnership with WebBank, member FDIC.
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"They didn't know anything about me but connected with so many of my symptoms and loneliness. Before the treatment I was anxious and sick. After the treatment I felt great. It was peaceful, miraculous."

Niki V

"I came in with a lot of anger and sadness. After session I felt light, bubbly, and overall feeling of joy. I am forever grateful for your work in healing."

Margaret Hillis

"I went into this white light. My severe pain disappeared. I felt high, happy, "feeling in love"... I was at Peace..."

Debra Henry, Dorothy Ley Hospice

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"I'm 63 and was diagnosed with 2 degenerative neck disks & walked with my head bent. I had a torn rotator cuff, torn bicep & arthritis in my hands. I was given anti-inflammatories & told to wait until they don't work & need surgery. I hurt like hell. It blows my mind. I walked away from a treatment PAIN FREE. Two months later I am cured. building stuff, climbing ladders..."

Dan Danelon